Thursday, June 25, 2009

Traci - Hair Stylist Doll

Traci was fun to make, probably because she was made with love for my favorite hair stylist. Traci has blonde fun fur hair with a few streaks of color and blue eyes almost like the real Traci minus the fun fur for hair.

Her dress and slip on shoes were made with a Batik fabric and a solid hot pink fabric for her pants. I purchased a child’s size toothbrush, cut off most of the handle and then rounded and sanded the end to make it smooth, (Dennis did the cutting and sanding part). Voila... a little hairbrush! I also found a pair of tiny scissors and a hair blower that were little charms and tucked then into her waist band of her dress.

Here she is at her new home BB Harringtons in Chandler, Arizona.