Thursday, June 25, 2009

Traci - Hair Stylist Doll

Traci was fun to make, probably because she was made with love for my favorite hair stylist. Traci has blonde fun fur hair with a few streaks of color and blue eyes almost like the real Traci minus the fun fur for hair.

Her dress and slip on shoes were made with a Batik fabric and a solid hot pink fabric for her pants. I purchased a child’s size toothbrush, cut off most of the handle and then rounded and sanded the end to make it smooth, (Dennis did the cutting and sanding part). Voila... a little hairbrush! I also found a pair of tiny scissors and a hair blower that were little charms and tucked then into her waist band of her dress.

Here she is at her new home BB Harringtons in Chandler, Arizona.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Survivor Doll

My latest doll is Sue Vivor…….

Her face is sculpted and colored using prisma pencils for her features and micron fine point pens were used for thin lines around eye and eye lashes and brows. Oh I almost forgot I used gel pen for her pupil and whites of her eyes. She is wearing a hot pink dress with lace trim. Her black pants have tiny hearts on them. I used pink ribbon enamel charms as earrings. Her long black hair is a mixture of solid fun fur and flecked fun fur with color. I used two tiny scrunchies to pull her hair back away from her eyes it also makes it easier to see her earrings. She has individual fingers on her tiny hands which are sometimes a pain to make (I should say always a pain to make). I must have made 3 pairs of hands before I was happy with the outcome.

She is joining other artists' creations in the Saving the Tatas battle against breast cancer Silent Auction, at Gallery 225 in Gilbert AZ, October 15, 2010 from 6-9PM.

Please join us for this charitable event. 100% of the silent Auction and raffle proceeds go directly to Susan G. Komen, Passionately Pink for the Cure.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not So Raggetty

I just shipped off two dolls to their new home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I wanted them to be my version of Raggetty Ann style dolls but for some reason they didn’t turn out so Raggetty.

They were a custom order. I wanted them to resemble 2 little sisters, one with dark brown hair and brown eyes and the other with red hair and blue eyes. They are a keepsake for Sofia Elizabeth (2 years 10 months) and Nicole Ann (1 year 1 month) two of my grandchildren.

I shipped a box of things to my grandchildren. I made a strawberry shortcake flannel blanket on one side and minky fabric on the other for Sofia and for Nicole I made a blanket with quilt squares some of the squares were chenille and some were tiny print flannel with a solid pink flannel on the back side.

The dolls were also packed in the same box with other games and toys. So when my daughter Nicole opened the box Sofia put her little hands on her cheeks and said ”Oh my goodness”, took both dolls out of the box and took them to her room.

Later on that night they were tucked in bed with her with just there little heads poking out.. She said they were going night-night. Not sure if my daughter will be able to put them on a shelf to be just a keepsake.

They are loved no matter what and that’s all that counts. As soon as I get a minute I will have to perfect a raggetty style of my own. I have so many ideas in my head I overwhelm myself.