Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pastry Chef Goes To New York

I have improved a lot since my first doll. In fact Cher is having a hand transplant because I just didn’t like her hands. See there goes that perfectionist part of me again having to make things perfect. I did try real hard to let it go, as you can see from my first post I made her in 2007 and its now 2009.

About a month or so ago I sent my pastry chef doll to her new home in New York to be with my step daughter Jen who is a cake artist, (Check out her blog and website they’re in my favorites). Here she is before her trip.
As soon as I receive a photo of her in her new home I will post that one too.

I then had a empty space on the shelf where she sat so I decided to make another pastry chef. She looks completely different then the first one. I am real happy with the way she turned out. I used a different shape head and different color hair. I really love using the fun fur style hair its make them look a little wild. I found a fabric remnant with little whisks on it for her chef pants, so cute.