Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Dollie MaMa's First Day!

Okay, here it is my first day at my new blog. Guess I should introduce myself first. Those of you who don’t know me, Hi, my name is Rose and I am The Dollie MaMa. I make Soft Sculpture Art Dolls.

I am starting a blog because I wanted to connect with other creative people and I was told this was the way to do that, so here I am. This is really hard for me I want this to be a fun and interesting blog and I am such a perfectionist, I probably would have had this done a long time ago if I wasn’t trying to figure out how to make it perfect, but here goes.

I started sewing & creating at a young age. Art, sewing and cooking are some of my favorites. I come from a very creative family as so many artists have.

Having had my own décor company for nearly 20 years, helping clients with fabrics and colors, they would say I could turn a sows ear into a silk purse. I heard that phrase again several years later when I was helping with a fundraiser silent auction doing gift baskets. The committee would bring in a pile of donated stuff and I would have to make it look like a fantastic gift that you would want to purchase.

My artistic gift has come to me without formal training. I have always been interested in arts and crafts of all kinds. My doll making didn’t start until Spring 2007.

Here is Cher, the first doll I made before I took any classes (the original pattern was from Patti Culea).

I started by taking online classes then decided that wasn’t enough. I flew to Florida to take a class taught by Katie Gardenia on Matlache Island and it was truly an inspirational day. She is an extremely talented lady. I had a lot of fun and learned some new techniques. This was my first in person class.

I then took a two day class from Elinor Peace Bailey in Northern Arizona, she is such a hoot, a great personality as well as being so talented. Her style was a lot different from Katie's, but that’s the reason for taking classes from several different teachers so you can find the things from each teacher that fits you.

I took one day of mini classes on faces, in California from Patti Culea, Barbara Willis, Betts Vidal, Sally Lampi, Li Hertzi and Elinor Peace Bailey. I guess what I enjoy most is the different styles and techniques from each teacher.

I start out with one pattern and change it, mix and match patterns, I guess you could say I don’t follow directions well or I like to do it my way. I’m like that when I cook, I almost never follow a recipe.

Just to show you what I mean this doll started out as a pattern from Elinor. I then used some of Patti's pieces, changed and shrunk them and here she is my nurse. Her name is Flora Flipper.