Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Clients Best Friend

Just before Christmas last year, I received an order for a custom doll my client wanted a special gift for a very special friend. Of course I said I would love to make her a doll. She didn’t show me a picture of her friend she just said she has: Long brown hair, brown eyes, loves purple, has long legs, wears short skirts, has big boobs, drinks martinis and plays cards.

I immediately went to work on her. I started with body and head from one of Patti Culea patterns and she was modified from there. I sculpted a couple of heads so my client would be able to choose one. When she picked the one she wanted she said, “this face looks just like my friend Mary”.

I sculpted her so she would have a belly button and also a butt crack. I made thong underwear with lace on them. I added larger size breasts to her body and gave her a tattoo on one of her boobs. I made her a ultra suede wrap around mini skirt with leather trim with ultra suede shoes to match. Her top was made of white stretchy fabric the front was low cut to show off her great boobs and tattoo, the top also was tapered so you could see her belly button.
I painted her finger nails (5 coats of mod podge, 2 coats of nail polish and 1 coat of clear, had to wait for each coat to dry before applying more…had little patience for that part). I also put a huge rhinestone ring on her. Applied a few fake eyelashes, that was pretty tricky (if you get glue on the tweezers the eyelashes stick there instead of to the doll) I knew that, but it still happened.

She was holding a purple martini glass in one hand and the other hand was holding cards that were a royal flush. She was 29” tall, I ended up going to a flower shop and purchasing a gold long stem rose box for her but I still had to modify the box to fit he (actually my husband Dennis modified the box not me). Tied a big red bow on the box and she was shipped to Colorado to her new home, and Mary loved Mary. Wish I could have been there to see her face.

She was a lot of work, she took me a couple of weeks if not more but I had so much fun making her it really didn’t seem like work at all.
This was so much fun I’d love making more custom dolls (BFF’s moms, daughters, teachers, etc).